Dahu Wake Family


According to Wikipedia, the famous encyclopedia! The dahu (sometimes spelled dahut) is an imaginary wild animal living in mountainous areas, an environment that has influenced its physical evolution over the generations.


The wild boar is also known as dairi in the Jura, darou in the Vosges, darhut in Burgundy, tamarou in Aubrac and Aveyron, tamarro in Catalonia and Andorra, or rülbi (pronounced ruèlbi) in the Upper Valais. Its characteristic aspect lies in the fact thatit has two lateral legs shorter than the other twoto keep a good grip on the mountain slopes.
The existence of the wild boar is generally mentioned in rural areas and as a joke to particularly naïve people and city dwellers who know little about mountain fauna (as in the Pyrenees or the Alps), or simply about the forest, as in Burgundy. In fact, all over France, Switzerland and the Aosta Valley, there are variable accounts of oral tradition that provide a description of the animal and the "initiatory" ritual of its hunting, as transmitted in certain village communities.

(Source Wikipedia)

"Bringing all riders together

This blog was born from an observation, that there is currently no structure capable of bringing together ALL Riders willing to learn while sharing in a good mood and respecting the discipline and who would have no other interest than to share their passion for the 3 disciplines, wakeboard, wakeskate and wakesurf. 

"Create content on the 3 disciplines and inform" 


From then on we have made it our mission to create content (Youtube videos, articles) for the 3 disciplines, deals with brands, group purchases, events, wake camps and all that in a maximum of fun and relaxation. The Dahu is always turning in the same direction because of its two smaller legs. Like the wakeboarder or wakeskater who turns around a water ski lift.

Join the movement!"

To do this we have created a Facebook group to put it all together. The more present and active we are, the more we can make ourselves heard! Join the movement!